Link Manufacturing

VELTIO GROUP boosts your productivity and competitiveness as local contact and representation from the vendor, acts an intermediary between the Vendors Operations and its Manufacturing Customers, playing a key role as the venders Local Representative.

With VELTIO Group’s vast experience driving manufacturing operations (maquiladoras) in México, we ensure the synchronization of production schedule and the materials flows of overseas vendors with manufacturing plants in America, resulting an adequate and smooth flow of materials with the optimum inventory levels.

Value Added from the manufacturing operations in America:

  • Same Time Zone, same Language.
  • Local representation of vendor.
  • Fast reaction for production plan changes.
  • Short cycle time of the inventory Replenishment.
  • Planner and scheduler support vendor and manufacturing plants.
  • Inventory Management on-line visibility.
  • Improve productivity by elimination of shut downs.
  • Statics Reports of Inventory Aging,Turn Over, Sales and Shipments Forecast Accuracy, and others.
  • Local Quality inspection, Re-work, Sorting, Labeling and Packaging operations.
  • Better warehouse space utilization.
  • Focused in the manufacturing core.
  • Improve cash flow.

The overseas vendor enhance the customer relationship management by the excellent service and improve the supply Chain Economics in both sides. ”

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